What are the costs?

Costs ringtones Germany / Deutschland  € 1,86 per call
Costs ringtones Austria  € 3,63 per call
Costs ringtones United Kingdom  £1,50 per minute (circa 90 seconds)
Costs ringtones Italy  € 1,31 per minute (circa 125 seconds)
Costs ringtones Spain  € 0,91 per minute (circa 130 seconds)
Costs ringtones USA  $1.99 per item
Kosten ringtones Nederland / Netherlands  € 1,30 per call
Kosten ringtones België / Belgium  € 1,12 per minute (circa 100-120 seconds)

If you call from your mobile phone, your provider might charge you for calling. You don't pay those costs to us, but to your provider.

For polyphonic ringtones, wallpapers, truetones, voicetones, covertones/realtones, screensavers, and minimovies you need to be able to use wap.

When you order, it is only for one item. We don't subscribe you to any service!